Yoga makes me happy.  I’ve been practising for 15 years. When I first got into yoga, I was very much led by the physical element. Yay, let’s be a kid again and get upside down!


When I did my 200-hours teacher training, the shift was huge from just the physical side to something much deeper. The yoga postures are only one eight of the yoga picture, who’d have known!


I want to introduce people to yoga, not only the physical side of yoga and the benefits that brings in terms of flexibility, strength and cardiovascular health but also to share my knowledge on the power of breathwork and meditation. Every class starts with breathwork to calm and centre us for the practise ahead and each class ends with a beautiful relaxation.


I believe anybody and quite literally any body can do yoga. We leave our egos and any comparisons at the door and allow some playfulness into our practise in a safe and welcoming environment.


Feel what it’s like to stretch deeply, to breathe deeply and for an hour, to be truly present for no-one else but yourself.


I hope to see you on the mat (in person or online) soon!


Namaste x